Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm Baaack

Sorry I haven't posted in a good while. I have gotten a lot of crocheting done in the meantime though. I'll have to add the list to my side bar. But here they all are (I think!)--Last night I finished the big Granny rectangle afghan for Kaitlyn. I have also made 5 more market bags. Tried some different patterns and finally came up with one I like; it is actually a combination of a couple of them. Made 2 hot go cup cozies (like the cardboard wrap-around ones); 2 new dishcloths in a very different style. That's all I can remember at the moment. I'll have to check and see if I'm missing anything. (edited to add: Oh I also did a small bowl in daisy ombre to hold my Splenda packets. Turned out nice. Also did a small square potholder/hot pad.)

We made our weekend trip to Gatlinburg after tax season. Had a good time and relaxed. It rained on us most of the time but that was okay.

We did have an experience the week before we went to Gatlinburg. On the way to Louisville to visit with friends, a wild turkey hit us. Now you wouldn't think a turkey could do that much damage but it did! It hit our grill then slid over the hood and across the roof of my car. We had to have the grill, it's supports, the medallion on the front all replaced, it damaged the hood and it had to be removed, repaired and repainted. All in all, insurance allowed almost $800 after our deductible to get it fixed. And they provided a rental car for the week that my car was in the shop. I'm just glad it didn't cause a full wreck with us hitting another car or something. Luckily there was no other traffic around us at the time.

I ordered a bunch of yarn and it is due to arive today! Love getting more yarn! This is all cotton yarn on cones, with one exception and that is a cone of super petalspun rayon that I want to use for a shawl. It is all from Peaches 'n Creme. I'm gonna have fun!

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