Monday, May 11, 2009

Updates with some photos finally

I have been busy crocheting away. Since my last post I have made 2 large potholders and 3 hotpads in double weight cotton in blue swirls, 2 fold on itself potholders, 8 more small round dishcloths, plastic bag keeper bag in peppercorn ombre, 12 coasters, 2 tawashi flowers, 4 more market bags ( 1 in blue swirls, 1 in peppercorn, 1 in blue variegated, 1 in yellow daisy), and another red angel wings shawl. Wheww!

And, as promised, here are some photos.
First, some of the market bags.

These are in yellow daisy and peppercorn ombre Peaches and Creme.

And this one is in blue swirls.Some potholders.And hotpads.Plastic bag keeper.Coasters and dishcloth in blue swirls.Close up of one coaster.Close up of a dishcloth.Some more dishcloths.

I will be off line for the next few days. Mama is having surgery tomorrow morning early so we are going to her house this evening and I will probably stay with her until Saturday. She has no internet so I'll have a lot catch up on when I get home! I'm taking bunches of yarn and projects to work on while there, though. So I'll try to update when I get home!

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