Sunday, March 1, 2009

Another week gone

Well another week has passed and I didn't 'ramble' on here at all.....Sorry Linda B!.....So to catch up some on what has been happening....

I finished the sweater that I had to restart. Had several bumps along the way and had to take out and redo some but I made it. The first bump was I made the sleeves too long. I shortened the first one when I made it but I forgot to take into account that the shoulders of the sweater would hang past my shoulders (I have almost no shoulders!) so I had to take the top half of the sleeve out and redo it. Then the neckline of the sweater was way too wide so I improvised...I added some rows of dc aroud the top of it to fill in some; now it is better. And last, I decided I did not want the scarf attached that went with it. So I just didn't make it. Anyway, it is done. I'll try to take picture later today and post it. After all of that, I'm not sure whether I like it or not. It doesn't fit quite like I wanted it to but it will work.

So yesterday afternoon, I started going through patterns trying to decide what I wanted to make next. Nothing I had grabbed me so I went surfing for patterns. I found a shrug/jacket at Maggies Crochet that reached out and grabbed me.....luckily it was a downloadable pattern so I didn't have to wait to get it. I ordered it, printed it out, and got started. I carefully checked my gauge and began last night. I'm using ILTY in periwinkle for it. It calls for LB wool-ease which is the same weight as ILTY. When I did the yardage comparisons, I found out I will need 5 skeins of ILTY and I have 6 of the periwinkle so I'm off and running.

Here is a picture from the front of the pattern just to have an idea of what it should look like. That is definitely NOT me in the picture and mine will be periwinkle instead of the white pictured.

Work has slowed down now....that is normal for us....March is usually I am getting some time off. I still go in all 5 days, but the days are shorter. Suits me just fine. Mondays I go in an hour later, Tuesdays and Thursdays I get off an hour earlier, and Wednesdays and Fridays I only work 9-1. Sounds good.

Friday I started researching places to stay in Miami in October the night before our cruise. Found one place that sounds very interesting and the price seems good, too. Also began looking at flights. Nothing decided for sure yet though. Want to coordinate with Mike and Sally too.

Today I'm going to try to get reservations at Gatlinburg for the weekend after tax season to just get away and unwind. (Like we really need an excuse to go there!) Edited to add: I just made our ressies, got what we wanted, so we are booked!

But enough rambling for now. Try to not be gone from here a whole week this time.

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throughthepriszm said...

If you get a place close enough to the cruise port, they will shuttle you over. And if you're driving down, they should let you leave your car at the hotel. My parents have done the same thing before, even though we only live about 4 hours away from Miami :D