Sunday, February 22, 2009

Picture of Poncho

I finally got a chance to take a picture of my poncho. Here it is:

The color is called Barrington. It isn't quite as purple as it looks on my screen; it is acutally a tweedy mixture of purples and teals. I really like the color. The photo doesn't really do it justice. I needed a model for it but no one was available when I took the picture.

I did get the next sweater started Thursday but I had a major problem with it. I measured it after I had almost all the back done and it was not matching my gauge swatch! It wasn't even close! I have no idea why that happened. I did a swatch and it was right on the money but when I measured the width, it was almost TEN inches narrower along the bottom edge than it was supposed to be! So I took another skein of yarn and started swatching again with larger hooks. I never could get it to match. I was really getting frustrated! So I put it aside and thought about it for a while. Then yesterday afternoon I got it back out again and did more measuring. I figured out how many stitches I needed to start with using the same hook I had originally used. So then I frogged it all and started all over again last night. You'd better believe I did a LOT of measuring as I went this time! And I'm matching the measurements just right. I have the back and the left front completed and they match up just fine! Next will be the right front and then the sleeves.

On another note, the guys finished getting all the yard debris cleaned up Friday night. It looks so much better! And the plumber came by to see just what he needed to get and will be back Wednesday to put in a new hot water heater and a new sink and commode in the bathroom. The water heater replacement was due to the storm; the other part wasn't. We had intended to replace them this spring anyway but decided to go ahead and have him do it all while he was here this time.

We had more snow last night. At least it wasn't much and there was no ice to speak of with it so it wasn't bad at all. I am ready for spring!