Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day to Day Poncho

No, that is not a typo! I am doing the Night to Day Poncho (or is it Day to Night?) from Lion Brand but I am doing both halfs in the Day version; thus the Day to Day Poncho. Can't believe I forgot to say I had started this. Anyway, I started it Sunday night. Instead of making 2 halves just alike, I am doing them both together as one big item (no sewing it together that way!) It is coming right along. I am using LB Homespun in the Barrington color. I had never liked using homespun before but I'm trying it again and it is going better now. I guess with more experience it makes it easier. I had trouble before seeing where to put my hook or needle with the boucle style yarn. Plus I had trouble with the ends. But since I learned the Russian join, that is not so much of a problem any more. I have always liked the way anything made with homespun felt--it was always so soft and cuddly--that I decided I had to give it another try. So far, so good. I am almost finished with the second skein now. Will probably finish up that skein before going to work today--I don't leave here until noon today.

I finished adding more rows to Maurice's VVS last night. He says it is perfect now!

Gonna go get dressed and then back to the Poncho until time for lunch and leaving for work.

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