Sunday, February 15, 2009

It took me longer to get the pictures taken than I expected but here is a picture of my teal matinee jacket.

And this is a closeup of part of the bottom trim that I added.

The color doesn't show up accurately; it really is a true teal in real life. It looks more blue in the pictures than it is.

I also finished a small blue varigated basket like the larger one that I had made. I did it just like the large one except I didn't do as many rounds for the bottom. Here is a pic of it.

Yesterday we went to Mel and Linda's where she was cooking a birthday dinner for me since we didn't get to see them last weekend. It was great! She makes the best hamburgers! (And I'm not just saying this because she reads my blog!) Supper was great, I really liked my gifts, and we had a good time. We watched two movies--Space Buddies and Open Season 2--and they were very enjoyable. The guys watched another movie that Linda and I didn't care to see. We went to the computer and I showed her some crochet instruction sites so she can learn some more stitches. She is doing great so far and what she is doing is looking good! Then we just talked and visited.

Work had calmed down a little bit by Friday afternoon. I certainly hope this week is calmer than it has been. I'm ready for a break!

I bought more yarn over the weekend. I got enough Homespun in Barrington color to make the Lion Brand Day to Night Poncho all in the day version and enough Homespun in Cobalt to make the Vintage Tie Jacket also from Lion Brand. Think I'll do the poncho first.

Oh, Maurice decided he would like his VVS afghan to be a little wider--6 or so inches--so I have been adding on to it, too. Since I did not put any kind of border around it, it is no problem to make it wider. Have added about 4 more inches to it so far.

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Debbi-a1 said...

Love the jacket! I would like to make one but the sleeves give me second thoughts... I've only done drop sleeves. The bowl is nice too. Can't wait to see the poncho.