Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I've almost finished my poncho. The main body is done and I'm working on the cowl collar. I'm guessing I've got about an hour of stitching left to go on it. Hopefully I'll get it done before work tomorrow morning. Then it will probably be on to the Vintage Tie Jacket from Lion Brand. I have Homespun in cobalt for that.

Work is calming down now and I sure am glad! I'm still very tired when I get home but it isn't as bad now. The worst part about it is when I get so tired my stinosis acts up more and I'm in more pain. But at least now I know what it is and I have medication that helps with the pain, too.

I'm still waiting on my patterns that I orderd from Annie's Attic last week. They have been shipped and I should get them some time this week. I ordered a basic cardigan, a basic pullover, and a vest pattern.

Gonna go catch up on emails and then call it a night.

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