Saturday, January 24, 2009

Finally got the patterns in that I ordered but still no yarn! May swatch some of them tomorrow afternoon.

We broke down and bought our HD TV today at Sam's Club. Got to the checkout and said I had an invalid credit card! I couldn't believe they didn't take Visa; only MC and Discover. So much for getting more points on our cruise card! So I used my debit card. Haven't set it up yet but hopefully that won't be a problem.

We are going to Mel and Linda's in a little bit. I've got a computer for her since hers died and will set it up tonight and we'll probably also watch a movie or two.

So not much in the crochet department today. I may just have to go ahead and use the red yarn I had in mind for another project and start one of the sweaters with it. Not sure yet.


throughthepriszm said...

Cruises are wonderful! Need a travel agent? I have a good one I can direct you to :D

Linda said...

Already have a great TA that I met through cruising. But thanks anyway. And Royal Caribbean is the best line by far!