Wednesday, January 7, 2009

VVS is Finished!

Yes, that's right!...I finished the VVS last night. It took me less than a week to make this! I haven't had a chance to take a pic of it yet but I will either later today or tomorrow. Maurice was using it last night and said it was just the right size for him (I made it 76 rows wide).

Now I have picked out a new stripe pattern and colors for one for me. This time I'm only going to make it 150 stitches long instead of the 250 and I'll probably make it 85-90 rows wide. I decided to only go with 12 of the colors I used in the first one. This time I'm using periwinkle, navy, royal, turquoise, peacock, antique teal, forest, yellow, hot rose, pink, dark raspberry, and grape. Will try to take a picture of those later, too.

We are getting snow here today and it is hovering around freezing. So far it is all melting but with the temps dropping, I just hope it doesn't start freezing and the roads get slick. I'm not going anywhere the rest of the day...going to go start my VVS in a few minutes. Have the crockpot of vegetable soup warming for supper.

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