Sunday, January 25, 2009

Oops! Almost forgot to post anything today!

We had a great time last night. Went to Outback to eat before going to Mel and Linda's. She had a surprise for me when we got there....her son had bought her a new computer this week. So now she has gone from none to two! Now she can work at her desk or the laptop can go with her wherever.

Today we went to lunch with other friends--Linda and Jerry; yes, I know, too many friends named Linda! Then did the grocery bit. Came home and didn't do much of anything else all afternoon. Meant to make soup but didn't get it done. We also haven't set up the new tv yet. Have to decide where to put the old one first I guess.

Maurice's car is in the shop. Hopefully will get it back tomorrow. So he will be taking me to work tomorrow morning and I will wait for him to come get me tomorrow afternoon. I have to be at work earlier than he does and we get off at the same time so I shouldn't have to wait for him too long. Then we will go get his car and come on home.

They are predicting some pretty bad winter weather late tomorrow night, Tuesday and Wednesday. Yukkkkk! I hate having to get out on the roads in that kind of weather. Would much rather stay in and crochet.

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