Thursday, January 22, 2009

I did get the basket finished yesterday afternoon and as promised, here is a picture (or two). I really liked the way the colors pooled into an arrow design around the outside. I wasn't sure whether I would like the basket or not and almost gave up and frogged it a couple of times while working on it. I am glad now that I kept on with it. I am even thinking about making another one with the same pattern except making it about half the size.

I think I have also decided on the first sweater/jacket pattern I want to make. Am going to try swatching today and see if I can get the proper gauge. The pattern calls for Homespun yarn and I want to use ILTY. If ILTY won't work up right, I may have top break down and try the Homespun again. I love how soft and cuddly this yarn is, but just don't like working with it with how the ends want to fray and I have a hard time hiding the tails and keeping them hidden. But we shall see.

I don't have any advance appointments at work today but you neve know how many might walk in. Or how many may have called this morning for appointments later this afternoon.

Gotta gather some hooks and extra yarn to take with me to swatch and also the cotton yarn if I decide to make another bowl and if I'm not busy at work.

Still didn't get my patterns or yarn that I ordered. Maybe today..........

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