Tuesday, January 6, 2009

No pic today

I didn't take another picture of the VVS today. I'll take another one when it is finished. I'm hoping to get it finished later today or tonight if all goes well. Only have about 8 or 10 rows to go I think.

I've been thinking back about what all I crocheted in 2008 and decided to make a list. Here is what I can remember right now:

6 angel wings shawls
2 other shawls that I can't remember the names of
1 All Shawl
4 "saltine" (2-round granny square) afghans
1 ripple afghan
3 round ripples
24 dishcloths (at least)
8 coasters
2 ponchos
1 toboggan
3 small bowls/baskets
1 larger bowl/basket

Whew! That's a bunch and I didn't even start crocheting until summer! And there is probably more that I don't remember. Plus that is not counting the ones that I started and frogged because I decided I didn't like the patterns.

I'll have to see if I can add pics here of some of these later.

I actually got some cleaning done yesterday! It was definitely needed! And I'm feeling it today. If I do much at all, the next day I am hurting; I have lumbar stinosis so I am in pain right often but I'm managing it.

It is cold and rainy here today so I have a big pot of vegetable soup in the crock pot. I love soups!

That's enough for now. Gotta go pay bills. And then work on the VVS.

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