Friday, January 30, 2009

Ice Storm!!!

Man, did we get hit! The pictures I posted last are nothing compared to what we got. Total devastation and loss of power and water. We still don't have power at home but we did get water back last night so at least we can flush the commode now. I'm at the office today where it is WARM! We are managing at home even though we are cold. The house temp was 42 when we got up this morning. Thank goodness for all the afghans I've made recently! We had them all piled on the bed on top of our regualr bedding. We stayed toasty enough as long as we could stay in bed. Hopefully it will be back on soon. Utility workers have come in from several states to help and are working 19 hour days for the duration. I will post some more pictures when I get power back on at home where I can.

But while I'm at work, I'm getting a lot of crocheting done! Already have the back, all the right front, and half the left front done on a sweater.

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