Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday, Monday

Another update on the VVS....Last night I decided to lay it out to see just how big this thing was. And I found out---way too long for me to be able to easily handle when done! Maurice (DH)helped me to wrap it under my legs. It was long enough to tuck up under me at my feet and wrap down from the top to where the ends came within a couple of inches of meeting in the middle. Waaayyy toooo long for me. I was seriously thinking of frogging and starting over to have a length I could manage. Maurice tried it out and he said it was the perfect length for him and he would love to have it if I would finish it for him. Hmmmm.....I thought at the beginning that it was gonna be too long and he said he thought it would be fine for me. Think he knew all along and just wanted it for himself? Anyway, I will finish it for him. He said it only needed to be about a foot wider to be wide enough to suit him. So I'm adding enough rows for that and let him see if that is wide enough. Then I'll start another one--much shorter, though--for me.

Here is the next picture. I think there are 58 rows on it now. Will go to 70 or 75 and let him see if it 'fits'.

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