Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Some Pics of Finished Projects

I decided to take a break from crocheting and add some pictures of some of my finished projects here. Hope you enjoy looking.

These are some of the dishcloths I made and how I put them in a small bowl/basket.

This is the Irish Chain saltine afghan I made for my niece Lori for Christmas

This is the red, white, and blue saltine afghan I made for my sister Mary Lou for Christmas.

This is the Spiderman Round Ripple I made for my great-nephew Jackson for Christmas.

This is one of the ponchos I made for my great-niece Kaitlyn for Christmas.

And this is the other one I made her.

This is the afghan I made for our friends Jim and Noelle.

This is the Round Ripple I made for Mama for Christmas to use as a table cover for her Christmas tree.

This is the Ripple afghan I made for Maurice with him using it. (He doesn't even know I took this picture!)

These are just 2 of the Angel Wing shawls I made.

This is the yellow and white gingham 'saltine' afghan I made for Mama for her birthday this past July.

This is the very first 'saltine' afghan I made.
It is the Around the World pattern and was made for me.

Thanks for looking!

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