Monday, January 26, 2009

My yarn finally came today! Yippee!! So tonight I started on the matinee swing jacket from Lion Brand in antique teal. I've done the first 9 rows of the back so far.

I was busier at work today so no time to crochet. I don't go in tomorrow until 12:30 so maybe I'll be able to get some crocheting done in the morning.

Maurice did get his car back today which is good. We would have a hard time working out transportation for work tomorrow if he didn't.

We are supposed to get a major winter storm tonight and tomorrow. One weather guy says ours will be mostly freezing rain and sleet; another one says 4 - 6" of snow. Of the two, I'd rather have the snow; easier to get some traction in snow than ice. I hate driving in either one though. At least with going in later, the road crews have more time to work on the roads. But then I don't get off work until 7 so it will already be dark and the roads will be worse then. Wish I could just stay home and stay safe tomorrow. I certainly don't want to have a wreck or fall and hurt myself. My balance isn't real good anyway, so I really have a hard time on slick surfaces.

Patti, sorry I don't have anything more exciting to write today!

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Lorena said...

I love the matinee swing jacket from Lionbrand! I hope you get pictureof it when you finish!