Sunday, January 18, 2009

Well, I knew it wouldn't post yesterday.

Yesterday was a partial 'catch-up day'---got my nails done, looked at TVs at Walmart (think we have finally decided on which one to get), got some groceries. Came home and made a double batch of potato soup and froze it in serving size containers for work. Stayed home and watched a movie on dvd last night----Hancock; it was very strange.

But I did do a little bit of crocheting. I made a pair of fingerless mittens since I gave the other pair to Linda B. It was a very simple pattern; basically just dc so they didn't take long. Also, I finally decided on what of the ILTY yarn I wanted to order--ordered 6 skeins of periwinkle, 6 skeins of antique teal, 4 skeins of light sage green, and 4 skeins of peach. Of course I still have until Tuesday to order more at the sale price!

Oh, Friday I did do 5 or 6 more rows on my All Shawl. Just a few more rows before starting the border. Guess I need to decide what kind of border I'm going to do on this one!

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